ABOUT US | A Career in Boat Canvas & Upholstery

As a young 19 year old women, living aboard in south Florida, I walked into a local sewing shop and saw a girl just a little older than I was sitting at a sewing machine sewing something unidentifiable. I don’t remember why I was there, but I do remember saying to myself, " that has got to be the worst job ever". It's kind of funny when I look back at my sewing career. I did not even really like sewing at that age. The only thing I knew for sure was that I enjoyed creating and making things with my hands.

I knew by the age of 25 that I was going sailing and that I would need a career I could travel and make a living with ,so I began considering my options. While attending the Miami Boat show walking around admiring all of the beautiful boats, I started looking at the covers on these boats and thinking I could do that! I must have forgotten about the girl behind the sewing machine!

I decided to find a job in a local Marine Canvas & Upholstery shop and began my apprenticeship at $4.64 per hour. What I did not realize at the time was that I was beginning a lifelong career sewing for boats that would combine creativity and art with a natural engineers mind, and I had actually stumbled on my God given talent.

Many happy years have gone by, and I have fabricated thousands of covers and cushions for my customer’s boats. I found out that sewing is not so bad after all, especially since I still love the water and boats with a passion.

The people who know me have told me I have a gift for educating customers about the products they are buying and helping them make the best choices according to their personal boating lifestyle. All of the while producing the highest quality covers and cushions possible that are made with the best available raw products on the market.

I hope we will have the chance to get to know each other while we fabricate something beautiful for your boat made just the way you want it. Hopefully we will make things easier for you, not only by providing quality, durable canvas and cushions, but also by giving you a hassle free experience working with us. We take pride in trying to give the best service that we can provide, which makes all of our lives easier.

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We're glad you visited our website, please feel welcome to call and come by the shop for a visit too.
Tammy Hampton, Owner

Tammy Hampton, Owner

Your Canvas Lady,

Tammy Hampton


Sarah Varnado

Sarah couldn't be any happier than when she is sewing.  Well except maybe when she's with her family. Sarah has a love of fashion, Lake Life and being a mom. She has a beautiful stitch and puts her heart into everything she sews and it shows. We are sew glad (pun intended) to have her here at Cover Girl!



Gail Hunter

Gail has been popping into sew for a few years now and we love her work. She loves to sew, just like the rest of us. She produces beautiful work and has a terrific work ethic. When Gail is not sewing, she and her husband Mike are out on the lake wakeboarding and waterskiing.  They are the ones in the the ski nautique, you just never know which one they will be out in. 



Julie Pugh

Julie is our shipping/store manager.  She takes care of, well customers! She also handles the books, which we are so thankful for, since we like to sew! Julie loves motorcycles, concerts and her family.  What a great asset she is to our business and always has a happy outlook.  


Charley at the shop!

Charley is our guardian pupp.y

Charley is our guardian puppy.


She enjoys barking at everybody and laying in everyone's way.